The Art of The Incredible Hulk

New painting on canvas from Surj called the “Hulk Thinker.” It features the Incredible Hulk as Rodin’s famous sculpture, “The Thinker.”


Hulk Thinker (Le Green Penseur)



Hulk Thinker (Le Green Penseur)

With all of “The Avengers” superhero movies coming out and characters getting killed off, I needed to ask a question – How did the Incredible Hulk die?   Well, he didn’t.  Instead, I put him on a pedestal in this new art piece. It is a play on the famous bronze sculpture from Rodin, “The Thinker.”   I envisioned it as a grittier, if not “Hulkier” version—with a bit of messiness and fun.  This pop art painting blends neo-abstract art in the vein of Jackson Pollock, with a gritty street art “stencil feel” and some very intriguing transparency. The painting is seamlessly complex and paradoxically fun and straightforward. Enjoy this piece I call the “HULK THINKER.”


Title: Hulk Thinker (Le Green Penseur)

Artist: Surj

Medium: Mixed Media – Acrylic On Canvas



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